Gabriel Adam 


Hi! I’m Gabriel as you might have guessed and I would like to thank you for taking time to visiting my page.  I simply shoot what I love and love what I shoot! So here I have on display some of my works. I’m what you’d call a strobist in the photography world. By definition:


“A strobist is a photographer who uses off-camera flash (OCF) to take pictures. Instead of the usual pop-up flash or speedlight attached on top of the camera,strobists use OCF to achieve more pleasing and more dynamic photographs.”


Why am I bothering to explain this? So that when I show up with a wagon that’s filled with not only lenses, but lights as well, you won’t be surprised if you were expecting me to show up with just a camera. Why do I do this? The simple answer is that I like dramatic photos. I like blue skies, deep shadows, and dramatic colors. I do love black and white as well and will occasionally feel that this is how the image was meant to be displayed. 


I specialize in shooting people. I love capturing your moments and helping you keep that slice of history forever! The only photography I don’t do is newborn, it’s simply too much photoshop. I’m a photographer and am not a photoshop artist. All the photos you see here were edited but not “photoshopped”. Which means I don’t layer photos to create composites nor do I add/remove the backgrounds. What you see is what was in the image when it was captured. Thank you for reading a little bit about me and hope to hear from you soon! Have an amazing day!